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“In February 2012, a website wholly devoted to the pressing issue of resilience was launched under the aegis of Fulmar, as a company contribution to social responsibility. The website is web-magazine dedicated to sharing articles and insights on resilience, which put simply is the ability of a system to absorb shock and carry on performing the function that it was designed to do. That system can be anything from global supply chains to individual homes, from whole nations to local allotments. Resilience-thinking is a response to our realising that we have designed our world to work quite well - as long as nothing changes. But as soon as really bad weather hits, or financial crises impact, whole systems can fall apart. A resilience approach requires a whole shift in thinking. If for example a city is crippled by an earthquake, resilience-thinking suggests that the crisis is as much to with the way that city is designed and operates as with the earthquake itself. Resilience-thinking is crucial to the development of a safer world and www.get-resilient.com is an important UK contribution to that development.”

The Editor of the website is Will Bugler, who can be contacted at will.bugler@gmail.com