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The Tird of May 1808, Francisco Goya, Private Life of a Masterpiece

Fulmar Television & Film

Fulmar Television and Film is the originator of some of British television’s most inventive and celebrated arts formats. These include The Private Life of A Masterpiece strand for the BBC, and the J’Accuse and Hidden Hands series for Channel Four (notably the programme Art and the CIA).

The Private Life of A Masterpiece is probably the most widely viewed arts strand ever made by the BBC. It has been shown in every country in Europe and most of the nations in Asia and South America. It has been seen widely in the Middle East and the Gulf states and on several stations in China and Japan. It has been much viewed in North America and in Russia and many of the former Soviet Republics. Its format allows the programmes to be re-voiced in the relevant local language.

In 2012, Fumar has added an associate website, www.getresilient.com This site explores the pressing issue of how to create societies and economies that can withstand shocks and turbulence while maintaining function.

New DVDs from the Private Life Of A Masterpiece Series

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